April 23, 2012

When you've lost your mother

It is never easy to lose
someone you love.
There is never a perfect moment to say"goodbye"

Your mother was with you all your life.
No other person in the world was there for you.
As she was.

When you miss her so much.
you ache inside.
Close your eyes.

In silence she is there with you
Peacefully she smiles at the kind, generous,
caring person you have become,
thinking of you as her little child.

Always loved.
Always precious in her sight.

In the soft breeze,
may you feel her touch.

In the sunlight,
feel the warmth of her being.

Know that she is with you.
Watching over you with love that lasts forever.

Al-Fatihah buat ibu tercinta. Hopefully one day I can be with you once more. Miss you mom.
23.04.2008 @ 3.40 p.m